There's an app for that?

I guess I should have known that there is an app for everything but I didn't think about it, until today, to wonder if there was an app for depression.  Turns out, there are a ton of them.

Healthline has a slide show listing 18 of them, can you believe it?  Here it is.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has rated several of them for ease of use and helpfulness and you can find that here.  
I'm still going low tech for stress relief and coping with life, art journaling, crocheting and exercising. 

I haven't tried one yet, have you?  I do think that I need to spend a lot less time on Facebook and I will be happier.  I may need to find an app that tracks my Facebook time and locks me out.  

(going looking on Google ....)

Found it!  An app that keeps you from spending too much time on social media sites.

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