Another good article on AT.

Apartment therapy did an article about how to feel like a new person in 15 minutes.  It is a 3 step process to help you get out of a funk or a bad mood.   It includes some things we haven't discussed on this blog.  The most surprising thing to me was the benefit (to your mood) of washing your hands.   I'll let you go over there and read the other 2.  I did it today.  I think maybe it helped.

Apartment Therapy - How to Feel Like a New Person in 15 minutes.

As we go into the holidays.

Take care of yourself and do a good deed for someone else.  The holidays is the perfect time.  Here's one I saw this morning, World Vision has some gifts that multiply 8x because they have people who will match other's giving.  So if you give 10 dollars, it does 80 dollars worth of good.  It feels good too.  

An unexpected help for depression.

Okay, this is a weird one.   Apparently eating red meat halves the incidence of depression?   Who would have thought red meat was good for you?

Here's the article. 

Have a burger while you are reading it.

Self Talk in the Third Person.

Apparently, talking about yourself in the third person, acting as a narrator for your own life, helps you deal with stress.  It is well demonstrated in this video from Good Mythical Morning.   Here's a link to the study and to another article about it.   I wonder what other parts of my psyche this could help.  Could it help dieting?  Should I get up in the morning and say something like "D. is in control of her diet" "D. is looking forward to exercising today."  ?  Hmm.  It's funny how many of these little tricks there are.   This one is definitely worth a

Tah- Dah!

This is a link to a satisfying way to end the day, by writing down the things that you did accomplish and I think we should add also, things that went well.  One of the commenters, Jean, says that she does this every day and calls it her Tah-Dah list.  How clever is that?  Write down everything that you accomplished and everything that went well every day. 

More, More, More on Writing.

Turning Trauma into Story

Turn your hard time into a story and transform your life.

Trauma and the benefits of writing about it.

Don't just read these, actually do it.  Get whatever scrap of paper you can find, write out what happened to you and how it made you feel, as if you were writing a story, then throw it away.  Do it again tomorrow.  Then after that, start writing down things that you are thankful for every day, no matter how small and ridiculous they might be.  Write it down. 

It may save your life.

Write it down!

There are so many things that are good about writing.   It helps with grief and trauma and general sadness.  It helps in the short term and in the long term.

Trauma and the benefits of writing about it.



It actually helps with physical pain symptoms and causes a rise in immune system functioning.  It's amazing.

Narrative   Apparently it helps much more if you try to write your experiences as a story, as if you were telling someone else, rather than just listing things or writing randomly.  Something about trying to put your thoughts in order to make it understandable as if to another person, helps in the process.

Find a private space and write.  It will be hard, but it will help, both now and in the future and bring about that elusive posttraumatic growth.