Another unusual way to bring yourself happiness.

This one is from the Art of Manliness.   Apparently talking to strangers is good for you.  Who knew?  I talk to strangers all the time because for some reason, though I consider myself very, very shy, I don't mind talking to people in stores, doctor's offices, etc. and sometimes I do enjoy these conversations very much.  Here's a link you should definitely go read from the New York Times.  

I have had a couple of fun conversations at Walmart lately.   One day I was pumping gas when the woman on the other side of the gas pump sneezed very, very loudly, sounding exactly like me when I sneeze.  I couldn't help it, I started laughing and to keep her from feeling bad about a stranger laughing at her, I told her "You sneeze exactly like me!"  I've never met anyone else who sounds like that!"  We spent a couple of minutes bonding over this and she told me that she had been inside Walmart a few minutes earlier and had sneezed in this unbelievably loud way we have and someone halfway across the store yelled "BLESS YOU!!!" prompting half of the store, including the sneezer, to laugh.  Fun times.  This has also happened to me in a similar way in Target.  :-)

Just last night I was walking out of the store and 2 adorable little girls came out to try and sell me girl scout cookies, which I didn't want to buy for several reasons.  First, I never have cash, second I have to keep gluten free and third, I am fat enough, thank you.  But I didn't want to be discouraging to those precious girls, so I said "No thank you, but I would just like to say that you two are really doing a good job!"  (They were, so this was a true comment.)  They were so excited, they ran over to their mom's to tell them "That lady said we are doing a good job!"  I don't think it would have made them happier if I had bought the cookies.

So, even though you think it won't make you happier if you talk to a stranger, science says it will, so go out there and just do it today.  Talk to someone.

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