Bringing a little color into your life.

Even the tiniest little bit of a color you love can make you happier.  A throw pillow, a blanket or throw, a teakettle, you name it.  Put things and colors in your home that make you feel happy.  Color Psychology.   For the past couple of years I have been making art to please myself.  Then I sold a few pieces and after that, started trying to make art that I thought would please others and be easier to frame but that didn't provide the same satisfaction for me so I am back to pleasing myself.   Someone may look at it and say that I use too much blue or too much yellow or orange, but it's not for them; it's for me and it's what I like.  During the last couple of years, dealing with my mom's Alzheimer's disease, this art has saved my life and therefore I love it.

My house is mostly beiges and browns and I can't really afford to redo it and getting my husband to approve colorfulness in the house is a wild stretch of the imagination, so I painted one wall of my laundry room in my favorite, robin's egg blue and over the past year, I've brought little bits of that color into the other rooms as well.  Another small tool for feeling better.  It's important not to go on a big shopping spree because spending money that you possibly don't have won't help.  That will only make you feel worse.  Just try and bring some color in your environment.  

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