Rocking Chairs? Really?

Rocking chairs are good for you.  Who knew?  I mean I knew they were good for rocking babies but they are also good for recuperating from surgery, for arthritic knees, for weight loss because you burn up to 150 calories an hour in a rocking chair.    Check out this article.   They also help with balance, varicose veins and ease back pain.

So okay, if you are in a rocking chair rocking while watching TV then you're helping your back, preventing varicose veins, helping the arthritis in your knees and getting skinnier!  I'm in. The chair pictured above is from and is 89.00 plus shipping and tax.  That's not a bad price for so much feeling-goodness.

But wait, there's MORE.  Really.  Rocking in a rocking chair helps people with dementia feel less anxious.  A 2 year study in Rochester, New York, proved this a few years back.    Rocking chairs help kids with ADHD.    I think that the fact that they help the elderly and help children means that they probably are good for those of us in the middle too!

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