Sounds Fishy.

Fish?  Yes, eating fish fights depression and anxiety according to this article from All Africa.  I think we all pretty much know that fish contains Omega III fatty acids which are good for our hearts, but they are also good for keeping the brain fighting fit and help with depression.  Fish is not a normal part of my diet but I need to really seriously consider adding it in.  I will have to get some recipes because I don't currently have any.  

My first thought is a tuna noodle casserole, since that might be the best way to please the picky eaters around here.  

Here's one from Starkist Tuna.

Another one that is popular where I am from is Salmon Patties.  Here's a recipe from Chicken of The Sea.  (Which is a fun name for a company, if you think about it. )

In a pinch, if you don't feel like really cooking, I'm assuming that the fish sticks in the grocery will do just as well.   Don't make it more difficult than it has to be.  If you are dealing with sadness/ depression, even attempting to follow a recipe may feel overwhelming.    

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