Another tool in our battle.

It turns out that this tool for fighting depression is easy, inexpensive and tasty.  It's yogurt!  According to a study in the Netherlands, reported here in the Telegraph.  I read this first this this morning and had 2 yogurts this morning for breakfast and I have to admit that I feel better today than I have for the past few weeks, despite having a bad phone call with my boss this morning, so maybe it works. This is something I could totally do every day, maybe not 2, but one yogurt a day.  It does have to be one with live cultures.  

"A 2013 US study found that participants who consumed yogurt twice daily for a month showed lower levels of activity in the areas of the brain associated with emotion and pain, together with increased activity in areas associated with decision making."  

A strawberry flavored, healthy weapon in the battle against depression?  I'll take it!  Seriously, this is wonderful.    

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