Free and cheap random Acts of Kindness, Part 4.

Send happy mail.  Did you know you can mail a small package of candy or a small toy priority mail with stamps?  If it weighs less than 13 ounces, you can put stamps and an address on it and drop it in a post office box.    Look at to calculate how much it will cost.
I looked it up today and here are some general guidelines, although prices change frequently.
To mail a 1 ounce package just about anywhere in the United States from my address was 2.07 and to mail a 13 ounce package was 3.77 no matter what zip code I put in.  Just for fun, mail someone a package of crayons, a candy bar, a book or a small toy.  Make someone's day.  This is great for the grandkids, but everyone is a kid at heart!

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