Free and Cheap Random Acts of Kindness Part 5.

Hand out bottles of water to workers on a hot day; of course be careful not to hold up traffic. 

Pay for someone's toll or hamburger, in line behind you at a drive through.  (If you are worried about how much this will cost, just say, I'd like to pay $5.00 of the cost of the meal for the person behind me, or please give the person behind me a free ice cream cone, on me and tell them to have a great day!)

Get some travel size toiletries and donate them to a hospital.  The hospital I volunteer for is a Children's Hospital and they accept all kind of supplies, new toys or stuffed animals, toiletries for parents who have to stay overnight such as shampoo, deodorant and tooth paste/brushes.  Call your local hospital and ask what you can do.

Have a bake sale and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity.

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