Feeling gratitude is essential, I think, to feeling happy.  Take a minute right now to savor something in your life and feel happy about it.  One thing.  It might be that you are thankful for your eyesight so that you can read or thankful for your computer or phone that you can use to connect to others.  Science supports the fact that feeling gratitude can make you happier.  The Science of Gratitude.  Eight boosts of Gratitude Gratitude will signicantly improve your life!

Here's a free printable gratitude journal (Christian Faith Based.) and here are some tips for making the experience really work for you Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal and here are some free printables that are really cute and fun.. Gratitude Lists Free Download and here's a bunch of prompts that will get you thinking about what you feel gratitude for.  

Here at our house, we've started a blessings jar and we're putting in blessings and memories and then we will open it and read them all on New Year's Eve.  Here's a link to a Pinterest Board with a lot of ideas for how to make one.  Ours is very simple, a jar with a taped on label, but whatever works.  

Here is the most beautiful gratitude journal I have ever seen from Visual Blessings.  

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