Free and Cheap Random Acts of Kindness, Part 7

Donate through CoinStar.  You know the machines in front of many stores that will count your change.  They will also take charitable donations.  Any size donation will be accepted.  CoinStar supports these charities:   American Red Cross, Audubon, Autism Speaks, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Change Making Change, Children's Miracle Network, Feeding America, Humane Society of U.S.,     Jumpstart, Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, UNICEF and World Wildlife Fund.

Sell something you no longer need on Ebay and donate the proceeds.  Ebay has a program called Ebay Giving Works and you can choose how much you want to donate.

Help The Ronald McDonald House Charities.  Of course you can always drop your change in the charity boxes at every McDonald's restaurant, but if you live near a Ronald McDonald House, you can also donate your time.  They have a 30 ways in 30 days list on their website with 30 ways you can help.
These include bringing baked goods, planting flowers, cooking a meal, decorating a room.  There are all kinds of jobs here for all kinds of volunteers, whether you are good with people, a good cook or good with plants.  Anyone who can answer a phone can help.  If you are housebound, you can collect pop tabs from aluminum cans for their program.  Phone: 630-623-7048

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